F1 in brief | Remarkable floor Alfa Romeo turns out to be fake

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In the F1 in brief section, F1Maximaal.nl keeps you informed of the latest news from the premier class of motorsport that just does not qualify for an extensive mention, but is of course still relevant to mention on the website.

Remarkable floor Alfa Romeo turns out to be fake

Alfa Romeo presented a fake version of the floor of the C43 in February, insiders report to Autosport. According to the Swiss-Italian team, the floor, which was marked on the sides by successive fins, was only intended to distract the competition from what would actually be placed on the car. Alfa Romeo now also drives with a more traditional floor.

Son of FIA president dies after car accident

Saif Ben Sulayem, the son of FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem, was killed in a car accident on Tuesday. The motorsport body confirms this news on Thursday afternoon. The chairman’s son shared the same passion for motorsport as his father. For example, he participated in a Formula 4 championship a few years ago and competed against Oscar Piastri and Logan Sargeant, who now drive in Formula 1.

Three-part documentary series Verstappen in April on Viaplay

Max Verstappen will receive a three-part documentary series on Viaplay this year, De Telegraaf writes on Thursday morning. Last year, the Red Bull Racing driver was closely followed by director Nick Hoedeman and the result can be seen from April 2 in Max Verstappen: Anatomy of a Champion. Take out your subscription to Viaplay here to watch the documentary series about Verstappen.

Marko about Ferrari: ‘What good is the fastest engine if it is unreliable?’

Helmut Marko thinks that Ferrari and not Red Bull Racing has the fastest engine, the Austrian tells Heute. “I think Ferrari has the fastest engine at the moment. But what good is the fastest engine if it is unreliable?’, the Austrian team’s adviser wonders aloud. “To finish first, you have to finish first.”

Marko knows why the AMR23 resembles the Red Bull: ‘Have a good memory’

Helmut Marko joked after the race in Bahrain that three Red Bulls were on the podium. The AMR23 is a copy of the Red Bull and that has not gone unnoticed by Marko. He explains to Sky Deutschland how the copy can be so precise: ‘If you compare the cars with each other, you see that the Aston Martin is practically the same as our Red Bull. There’s a reason for that. Not only Fallows made the switch, but also a number of other team members and they clearly have a good memory,’ says Marko.

Ferrari faster than Red Bull in the pit stops

While Ferrari was not the fastest in the Bahrain Grand Prix, the Scuderia was faster than Red Bull Racing in the pit stops, Motorsport.com reports. On the thirteenth lap of the race, Charles Leclerc came in for new hard tires and the Monegask’s pit crew managed to arrange that in just 2.22 seconds. Ferrari ruled in the pit lane, although Red Bull was close behind. Max Verstappen’s pit stop on the fourteenth lap lasted 2.25 seconds.

Practicing on the pit stops has therefore paid off, Ferrari was also very fast in the pit stops after the thirteenth lap. Carlos Sainz’s pit stop on lap 31 took just 2.31 seconds. Mercedes also did reasonably well, the fastest stop of the German racing team was within 2.40 seconds. Ferrari leads at least one championship, as she was fastest with the pit stops, she occupies first place in the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Awards.

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