F1 in brief | Pirelli takes ‘new’ tire compound to first Grand Prix

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In the F1 in brief section, F1Maximaal.nl keeps you informed of the latest news from the premier class of motorsport that just does not qualify for an extensive mention, but is of course still relevant to mention on the website.

Pirelli takes ‘new’ tire compound to first Grand Prix

Tire supplier Pirelli has announced which compounds it will take to the first three races of 2023 and the new compound will be used immediately during the first GP weekend in Bahrain, according to Formula 1’s official website. ‘new’ C1 tyre, the one from last season will go through life this year as the C0 tyre. The new C1 tire has been added for the 2023 season because the difference between the hardest compounds from last season was too great.

The new C1 tire will therefore be used immediately during the season opener in Bahrain. Pirelli also takes the C2 and C3 tires with it. In the following weekends in Saudi Arabia and Australia, the tire supplier opts for the C2, C3 and C4 tyre.

Leclerc positive about SF-23 after test in simulator: ‘Definite improvement in the balance’

After the presentation of the SF-23 on February 14, Ferrari drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc were allowed to drive a number of laps in the new car. The car was equipped with special demonstration tires supplied by Pirelli. Despite the fact that the laps are not entirely representative, Leclerc did get out of the car positively. “Last year the balance was quite unpredictable, now in the simulator it felt good,” the Monegask happily tells Motorsport.com. “However, we still have to wait for Bahrain, where the car will really be tested,” he adds cautiously.

Marko very happy after first day on track for RB19: ‘Everything is going smoothly’

Now that the presentations of the new cars are in full swing, more and more cars are appearing on the circuit for a so-called film day. This includes Red Bull Racing, which had its new RB19 run for the first few kilometers at Silverstone. Helmut Marko tells F1Insider that the first preparations for the new season have gone very well. “Everything is going smoothly with the preparations and we are fully on schedule,” said the satisfied 79-year-old Austrian.

Magnussen predicts: ‘Safe option to bet on Verstappen’

Kevin Magnussen has spoken out to Sky Sports F1 about who he thinks will be champion in 2023. “I’m not the right person to ask this, I’m not watching any races,” jokes the Haas driver, who soon Max Verstappen comes out. Max was certainly very strong last season, looking at how he did, just like Red Bull Racing. It is a safe option to bet on him, but it can also change again in Formula 1.”

=https://twitter.com/SkySportsF1/status/1623982413184397315″ data-service=”twitter”>

De Vries announces new partner: ‘Exciting new phase in my career’

Nyck de Vries announced on February 9 that it has a new official partner for the 2023 season. The driver from Friesland is teaming up with the Dutch company Northwave Cyber ​​Security. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands and offers advanced cyber security services throughout Europe. “I am very pleased to announce that Northwave will be my official partner for 2023,” De Vries said in a press release.

‘I’ve been in contact with them for a few years now. Northwave is a first generation family business. They really know what they are talking about, are constantly innovating in the field of cybersecurity and focus on reliable, long-term relationships with their customer. This exciting new phase in my career is the perfect time to work with them,” says De Vries. That feeling is mutual. “Nyck’s capabilities, confidence and perseverance are key attributes that we also rely on to protect our clients’ business,” said Northwave CEO Steven Dondorp.

McLaren announces ‘surprising’ name of new car

McLaren has not yet presented the new battle weapon for 2023, but did reveal the name of the new car via official channels on Wednesday evening. The team operating from Woking has chosen a surprising name with ‘MCL60’. The MCL32 was presented in 2017, the MCL33 in 2018 and the MCL36 last season. So you would expect the MCL37, but nothing could be further from the truth. McLaren has chosen the name MCL60 in honor of the team’s sixtieth anniversary.

=https://twitter.com/McLarenF1/status/1623366129212133389″ data-service=”twitter”>

McLaren announces partnership with leading logistics company

McLaren announced via its own website on Wednesday afternoon that it will be joining forces with DP World, a leading provider of smart logistics solutions that enable trade flow around the world. DP World will support McLaren in improving efficiency and reshaping the team’s supply chain to make it faster, smarter and more sustainable. In 2023, DP World will not only be seen on the cars, but also on the overalls of Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri.

Horner likes race in New York: ‘Would be great in the Big Apple’

After Red Bull Racing had presented the new car there, Christian Horner spoke to Heute about the possibility of a race in New York, something the team boss would like. “It would be great in the Big Apple. What a spectacle. Racing in the major cities of the US is exciting. You can never say never. We have other North American races like in Montreal. So there is demand. So why not. It’s great that Formula 1 is attracting so much interest in the US as well. It’s going to go wild in Vegas this year.’

Ferrari reveals name of new F1 car week before presentation

It has taken a while, but a week before the curtain is drawn on the Ferrari for the 2023 season, the team has announced the name that the car will have. Under the name SF-23, the Ferrari will be on the track next season. Where there is a logic in the name of many teams and it can therefore already be predicted what his successor will be, this is always a question mark with the Italian racing team. In 2020 the team drove its 1000th race and so it was named SF1000 that year, a year later the car was called SF21 and last season it was named F1-75, because of Ferrari’s 75th anniversary. On Valentine’s Day, the Scuderia unveils the design of its new car.

=https://twitter.com/ScuderiaFerrari/status/1622909690643447813″ data-service=”twitter”>

Name Verstappen unknown to seven percent of Dutch people

Seven percent of the Dutch do not know the name Max Verstappen, according to research by Markteffect. They asked Dutch people over the age of 18 ‘Which Dutch athlete do you know, if only by name?’ In contrast to the seven percent who do not know him, 93 percent do know him, making the Red Bull Racing driver the most popular (former) athlete in the country. He stays ahead of Sven Kramer (89 percent) and Ireen Wüst (84 percent) in the ranking.

Lotus F1 mechanic Lazenby has passed away at the age of 86

Hawke car mechanic and maker David Lazenby passed away on February 2 at the age of 86, Autosport reported. Lotus F1 Team’s genius mechanic from the early 1960s, Lazenby was active with the team during the Jim Clark era. After his work at Lotus, Lazenby founded Hawke Racing Cars, for which he produced cars for the Formula Ford. The Brit worked in the 1970s with current FIA technical boss Pat Symonds. In 1977 Jan Lammers drove for Hawke in Formula 3.

Lotus car with which Andretti was auctioned champion

The car with which Mario Andretti became champion in 1978 will be auctioned during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November, the Dutch branch of Motorsport.com reports. Andretti was the second American to win the world championship. The iconic car will be for sale at auction between November 24 and 26. The auction is organized by a collaboration between auction house Bonhams and the F1 Paddock Club. The auction consists of several exclusive race cars and street cars. The Lotus 79 is expected to fetch between $6.5 and $9.5 million.

Szafnauer lashes out at Piastri again: ‘Species that are selfish are dying out’

Alpine team boss Otmar Szafnauer will work with the French team to ensure that the incident with Oscar Piastri will not be repeated. In addition, the American also lashes out at the driver one more time. ‘Species that survive together. Species that are selfish are dying out,” Szafnauer is quoted as saying by Total-Motorsport. “Going forward, we will cherish these lessons and make sure we eliminate the loopholes that allowed Oscar to get out of the contract.”

Schumacher also reserve driver at McLaren in 2023

McLaren will be able to use the services of Mick Schumacher in 2023 as part of the team’s contract with Mercedes. McLaren has that through Twitter announced. This means that Schumacher can be used by McLaren in 2023 during a Grand Prix weekend if Lando Norris or Oscar Piastri is unable to do so.

=https://twitter.com/McLarenF1/status/1620818057387196416″ data-service=”twitter”>

FIA receives support from Coulthard: ‘Looks a bit like the Oscars’

The FIA ​​has received support from David Coulthard when it comes to regulating drivers’ political statements. The former driver understands that Formula 1 can be used as a platform, but according to him it can also go too far. “As a driver you are very privileged to do what you do,” says Coulthard at the Swedish Expressen. “It’s kind of like the acceptance speech at the Oscars. You either have to name everything or concentrate fully on the sport,” said the Scot.

Audi takes minority stake in Sauber ahead of entry

Audi has taken a minority stake in the Sauber Group, it is confirmed in a press release. In October it was already the intention to acquire an interest this month and that has now officially been achieved. This is an important milestone on Audi’s entry into Formula 1, scheduled for 2026, for which the Sauber Group will be the strategic partner of the German brand.

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