F1 in brief | Palou about split with McLaren: ‘Wouldn’t get a chance in Formula 1’

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F1 in brief |  Palou about split with McLaren: 'Wouldn't get a chance in Formula 1'

In the section F1 in brief, F1Maximaal.nl keeps you informed of the latest news from the premier class of motorsport that just does not qualify for an extensive mention, but is of course relevant to mention on the website.

Palou about split with McLaren: ‘Wouldn’t get a chance in Formula 1’

Alex Palou became IndyCar champion for the second time last Sunday with Chip Ganassi’s team, which he would, after much hassle, exchange for Arrow McLaren. The Spaniard incurred the wrath of this team last month by announcing that he would stay with Ganassi after all. In an interview with MARCA, he explains why he is not going to McLaren after all. Palou hoped to eventually be able to take the step to Formula 1, but according to him that chance is quite small at McLaren. “It’s more that I wouldn’t get a chance in Formula 1 anyway,” he says. “I don’t want to just sit around waiting for the door to open and stop doing what I’m really good at, which is IndyCar.” Palou was allowed to complete free practice for McLaren in the United States during FP1 last year.

Horner was not comfortable on the pit wall after Tsunoda retired

Yuki Tsunoda caused Christian Horner’s heart to go into the throat. The Japanese dropped out during the formation lap with a technical problem. ‘They have the same gearbox, the same engine; we have a lot of parts in common,” Horner is quoted by RaceFans. “You are no longer comfortable when you see that car being pulled over during the formation lap.” Max Verstappen suffered from temperature-related problems at the end of the race, but was able to continue to win the race.

Vettel immediately congratulated Verstappen after breaking the record

Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen both had nine victories in a row before the Grand Prix weekend in Italy. With his Italian victory, Verstappen therefore ensured that Vettel was driven from the record books, but the 36-year-old German is not disappointed at all. Journalist Erik van Haren reports in De Telegraaf that Vettel congratulated his successor immediately after the race, after the four-time world champion previously indicated that he hopes that Verstappen will be able to further tighten the record in the coming weeks. That’s another way to do it.

Wolff will miss GP Japan due to knee surgery

According to oe24, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff will have to miss the Japanese GP. The Austrian will undergo knee surgery after the GP weekend in Singapore to repair cruciate ligament damage sustained in a previous motorsport accident. The Belgian Jérome D’Ambrosio, who has been leading the Mercedes talent program since this year, will replace him in Suzuka, according to the Austrian medium. Wolff will return to his regular role in Qatar at the beginning of October.

Sainz responds after robbery: “The most important thing is that we are all okay”

Carlos Sainz was attacked by three men close to the hotel where he was sleeping after the Italian Grand Prix. The Ferrari driver was able to catch the perpetrators himself and hand them over to the police. Sainz has responded to the incident via Instagram. “As many of you already know, we experienced an unfortunate incident in Milan. The main thing is that we are all okay and this will only remain as an unpleasant anecdote. Many thanks to all the people who helped us, to the Milan police for their quick intervention and thank you for all your messages.’

Sainz robbed after GP Italy, Ferrari driver catches perpetrators after successful chase

Carlos Sainz was robbed near the hotel where he spent the night after the Italian Grand Prix. Three men stole the Ferrari driver’s watch and then tried to flee. However, Sainz and his entourage gave chase and they did so successfully. Sainz was able to apprehend the perpetrators and eventually hand them over to the local police. According to Italian media, the Spaniard did not sustain any injuries from the incident.

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