Extra fences around childcare in Huizen after toddler (2) drowned

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Flowers are placed at the scene of the accident

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The municipality of Huizen has placed extra fences along the water around a toddler care center and a school, near the spot where a two-year-old child drowned in early April. The school had therefore asked the municipality to meet the concerns of parents of students.

The child fell into the water near the preschool. The victim was taken out of the water by emergency services and resuscitated, but that help came too late. It is still unclear how the toddler ended up in the water.

The response to the accident was shocked in Huizen. The school near the accident site had to deal with concerned parents. That is why the fences have been installed, the municipality of Huizen informed NH Nieuws. “Without making any link between those fences and the accident.”

The municipality hopes that peace will now return somewhat. It is not known how long the fences will remain in place.

  • Two-year-old toddler died after falling into a ditch in Huizen
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