Extensive damage due to explosion at flat in Amsterdam Cars, scooters and bicycles were also damaged.

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The damage in and around the foyer is extensive

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An explosion at a flat in Amsterdam Nieuw-West caused a lot of damage last night. No one was injured, a police spokesman told AT5.

A large number of windows have broken and there are fragments in the hall of the building in Comeniusstraat. Cars, scooters and bicycles parked in front of the flat were also damaged. There is glass in the street.

See images of the devastation here:

Devastation after explosion at flat in Amsterdam-West

Residents were woken up around 3:45 a.m. by a loud bang. The Defense Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service (EOD) and the Forensic Investigation Service were called in to investigate.

The EOD quickly concluded that there was no longer any danger to local residents. The detectives found parts of the explosive and took it for investigation. It is not yet clear what exactly exploded.

According to the police, two perpetrators may have fled in the direction of Osdorp on a dark scooter after the explosion.

Earlier explosion

Almost a year ago, a heavy explosive device went off in the same street. Then too, it went off in a porch and the windows in dozens of surrounding homes shattered.

A 33-year-old perpetrator was sentenced to four years in prison. Police have yet to comment on a possible connection between the two explosions. “Of course we will look at previous information, but Comeniusstraat is a long street with several flats, so we are not necessarily focusing on a connection,” says a spokesperson.

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