Explosions in Amsterdam and Winschoten, residents of Breda leave their homes at 01:03 in the interior. No one was injured in the explosions in Amsterdam, Winschoten and Weesp. In Breda, a person suffered minor burns from a burning object.

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Damage to the house in Amsterdam-Zuidoost
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There were explosions at buildings in various places in the country last night and last night. This happened in the Amsterdam region and in Winschoten. In Breda, something flammable was thrown into a house, forcing the residents to flee.

An explosion was reported at a home in Amsterdam-Zuidoost around 10:30 p.m. This caused a fire, which was quickly extinguished by the fire brigade. Half an hour later it happened in Weesp, which has been part of the municipality of Amsterdam since last year. There was an explosion in a porch of two houses on the edge of the center. A witness speaks of a heavy explosive.

The fire was extinguished by local residents. Explosives experts from the police investigated and took pieces of the explosive for examination. No one was injured in either explosion. The police are investigating the circumstances.


In Breda around 3.45 am a window of a house was smashed and something flammable was thrown inside. According to police, five people had to flee outside. One of them suffered minor burns.

The fire brigade extinguished the fire. The police is investigating the case.


In Winschoten, a building on Langestraat in the center was hit by an explosion. That’s the second explosion in a few days. There were no injuries, police reported. There is a lot of damage.

There was also an explosion in the Langestraat on Saturday morning. The police then said they were assuming intent and were investigating whether there was a link between that explosion and other violent incidents in Winschoten, Oude Pekela and Groningen. There was also an explosion in the latter city a week ago.

Amsterdam police chief concerned

Yesterday, Amsterdam police chief Frank Paauw expressed his concern about the number of explosions in Amsterdam. Last weekend an explosive device went off at six buildings, causing no injuries.

“The explosions are dangerous and have a huge impact on the sense of security of Amsterdam residents,” Paauw said in a statement yesterday. “As the police, we work day and night on this form of crime. On the other hand, little information is shared with us, that really needs to change.” He urged Amsterdam residents to share information.

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