Explosion and chatter tricks in Team West tonight

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The Hague / Zoetermeer – In Team West we call witnesses about an explosion on Van Leeuwenhoeklaan in Zoetermeer and a chat trick in The Hague. In addition, attention is also paid to the bank help desk fraud case in The Hague.

Explosion – Van Leeuwenhoeklaan – Zoetermeer

On Wednesday, December 27, around 10:30 p.m., an explosion took place at a house on Van Leeuwenhoeklaan in Zoetermeer. This explosion caused a lot of damage to the front door and a window. Images show a man walking across the gallery at the house. It shows this unknown man walking towards the house. He then lights a piece of fireworks, throws them in front of the door and runs away. The suspect is clearly recognizable in the picture. Camera images of this suspect are shown in the broadcast.

Chatter trick – Theo Mann Bouwmeesterlaan – The Hague

On Monday, January 15, a 90-year-old woman was scammed in her home on Theo Mann Bouwmeesterlaan. The victim received a call from an unknown woman who informed her that she was the victim of so-called fraud. This unknown woman convinced the victim to put her jewelry in an envelope and provide her PIN code. Later, these jewelry were collected from this woman by an unknown man. This man also manages to take the woman’s debit card from her home in an unguarded moment. Later, purchases were made in a store in The Hague with this stolen debit card. CAMERA FOOTAGE of the pinner is shown in the broadcast.

Bank helpdesk fraud – Kerkplein – The Hague

On Monday, November 20, a 73-year-old man in the municipality of Westerkwartier was the victim of bank helpdesk fraud. The victim received a call from a so-called bank employee. This so-called bank employee managed to convince the victim with an excuse to transfer an amount of money to an account. A few hours later, several debit card payments were made from one of the accounts to which the victim had transferred his money. The suspected pinner has withdrawn money several times on Kerkplein in The Hague. Camera images of this suspect are shown in the broadcast.

Broadcast Team West

Team West is broadcast every Tuesday from 5 p.m. on TV West and repeated every hour. On Wednesday, Team West will be repeated several more times.

Information source: Politie.nl

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