Even more extreme Verstappen dominance predicted: ‘RB20 will be an aerodynamic revolution’

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Even more extreme Verstappen dominance predicted: 'RB20 will be an aerodynamic revolution'

Red Bull Racing is having one of the most dominant seasons in the history of the sport. In Las Vegas, the Austrian team has the chance to take the twentieth victory of the season, a record, while Max Verstappen has already beaten the old record, which was also in his name, with seventeen victories. Yet it seems that Red Bull will take a big step forward in 2024.

Red Bull already dominated in the season opener in Bahrain, and it was already clear that the constructors’ title would be extended. Under the budget ceiling, in combination with a penalty for exceeding the budget limit in 2021, Red Bull hardly introduced any upgrades. The Austrians obviously did not sit idle and focused on 2024 very early on. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the RB20 will be revolutionary.

“The titles in 2023 have long been divided,” the Italian newspaper opens. Both Red Bull and Verstappen have more than twice as many points as the number two. ‘Attention has now shifted to the battle for second place in the constructors’ standings between Mercedes and Ferrari, with the Brackley team holding a 20-point lead with two races remaining. The teams have therefore been focusing on the 2024 projects for some time, without exception.’

Red Bull will eliminate weaknesses

Presumably no team shifted its focus completely to 2024 sooner than the constructors’ champion. ‘Red Bull, having already dominated this season, is preparing to wow the paddock again next year and destroy the competition. In Brazil, sporting director Jonathan Wheatley indicated that concerns that the strong gusts of wind in São Paulo affected the aerodynamic dominance of the RB19 will not return to the RB20.

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RB19 Max Verstappen Mexico Red Bull
Verstappen already guided the RB19 to victory seventeen times on Sunday.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that Red Bull will come up with a revolutionary car in 2024. ‘It appears that the RB20 will not only be a more extreme version of the RB19 concept, as one might expect, but that Red Bull will follow an aerodynamic concept that differs from the current car, although visually the car will still have a lot of visual impact. resemble the RB19. The vertical forces in the new car will be processed radically differently than is currently the case. The floor will work differently, and the operation of the Venturi effect will be approached differently,” La Gazzetta dello Sport points to the ground effect.

‘RB20 will be an aerodynamic revolution’

‘Adrian Newey, Pierre Waché, and the team’s aerodynamics specialists have identified several areas of the RB19 that can be further perfected. These points were only improved marginally in 2023, as it was not necessary with the large lead over the competition,” explains Red Bull’s lack of upgrades.

‘Red Bull decided to integrate all these adjustments into the new design and thus address the weaknesses of the RB19. This would also significantly reduce the negative effect of the wind on the RB20. While the competitors are still making an effort to follow Verstappen’s current car, Red Bull is once again ready to brilliantly strike back and dominate. The RB20 will be an aerodynamic revolution,” said La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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