EVA Team arrests twenty-five convicts

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The Hague region – The EVA Team (Execution of Sentences and Sentenced Persons) of the The Hague police unit tracked down and arrested twenty-five convicts in August and September. The men and one woman range in age from 21 to 67 years. Most were sentenced to prison terms of between 28 and 1,823 days. Others must compensate victims for damages.

The persons had been convicted of various offenses, such as violation of the Opium Act and the Gambling Act, money laundering, theft, fencing, fraud and assault. They could not be traced at first. The EVA Team was then asked to track them down and arrest them.

Arrests on public roads

The team traced a number of convicts by investigating which cars they drove. Sometimes they rode with friends. The cars were followed after which the convicts were arrested on the public road. The team found out the addresses of other convicts. Some stayed with family or friends, but were eventually arrested in the homes. Some opened the front door themselves.

Signaled abroad

One of the convicts, a 67-year-old man, was sentenced by the Court of Appeal in The Hague to 838 days in prison in a sexual offense case. He was arrested in a home in Zoetermeer at the beginning of August. A 31-year-old man was reported abroad in connection with various offenses (participation in a criminal organization, the Weapons and Ammunition Act and theft). For this he must serve 1823 days in prison. It turned out that he lived with a relative in The Hague. After EVA Team employees rang the bell on August 24, the man opened the door. He was immediately arrested.

The EVA Team

For the The Hague police unit, the EVA Team is actively involved in the investigation and arrest of convicts who try to evade their imposed sentence. Convictions for robberies, home burglaries and street robberies have priority for the EVA Team in the investigation of identified persons, but a convicted person can also count on a visit from the EVA Team in the case of compensation measures or fines imposed.

Information source: Politie.nl

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