Europol publishes four new photos of “Bolle Jos”, criminal case in June 2024

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Europol publishes four new photos of “Bolle Jos”, criminal case in June 2024

Europol published four new photos of “Bolle Jos” Leijdekkers on its website last month. These are photos that appeared online on December 18. One of the photos shows a younger Leijdekkers next to a funeral carriage. In another photo he is sitting on a water scooter with a child during a holiday.

Most Wanted

Leijdekkers has been on the National Investigation List and the ‘EU Most Wanted List’ since May 2022. He is suspected of large-scale cocaine trafficking and violent crimes. The criminal case against Jos Leijdekkers will be heard on June 10, 11 and 12, 2024.

A reward of 200,000 euros has been offered for the golden tip that leads to his arrest. According to good sources, Leijdekkers has already been arrested twice in Turkey, but released after paying large bribes.


23 arrests have already been made in Turkey around ‘Bolle Jos’. Until recently it was assumed that Leijdekkers resided in Turkey, but his current whereabouts are unknown.

With the help of these new photos, police say they hope to gain more information about his whereabouts in order to arrest him.

According to the national public prosecutor’s office, Leijdekkers’ parents and a sister traveled to Turkey in August and December 2022. There they may have had contact with their wanted son and brother.

Money laundering

The father of Jos Leijdekkers (69) was previously arrested for questioning. He will be on trial in the court in Rotterdam on Friday, together with his wife (69) and sister (28) of Bolle Jos, for money laundering. Jos Leijdekkers’ father is suspected by the Public Prosecution Service of laundering two luxury watches on January 24, 2023.

The mother and sister are being prosecuted for laundering two luxury apartments in Dubai and two Bentleys between 2018 and 2023. The mother of the fugitive from Breda is also suspected of laundering jewelry, money and watches and possessing two false IDs. cards and passports, writes De Telegraaf.

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