European subsidy for Lely line one step closer 16:51 in Regional news The European Parliament today recognized the railway line as an important international train connection. An important moment for the northern provinces.

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The Lely Line is one step closer to European subsidy. The European Parliament has today agreed to add the railway to the EU’s so-called TEN-T network. Avine Fokkens (VVD), deputy of the province of Friesland, calls it “a really important step” that the European Parliament recognizes the Lely line as an important international train connection.

The TEN-T network connects roads, railways and waterways so that we can move quickly and sustainably through Europe. On the map of important rail connections, the northern Netherlands and northwestern Germany are still completely empty, much to the dissatisfaction of the northern provinces. With the arrival of the Lely line, an international rail connection from Amsterdam via Drachten and Groningen to Bremen could be created.

Infrastructure belonging to the TEN-T network is eligible for European money. It is not yet certain how much money the railway can count on. What is certain is that the subsidy will not close the budget deficit. The highest amount paid so far for a new rail connection is 1.1 billion, says Omrop Fryslân.

The estimated costs for the construction of the Lely line are between 6 and 12 billion euros. The Dutch cabinet has reserved 3 billion for it, but that is nowhere near enough.

The chance that you will be able to travel by train from Coevorden and Emmen deep into Germany within a few years has also increased considerably since today. The European Parliament has also agreed to add the Emmen – Rheine and Zwolle – Münster railway lines to the European network, writes RTV Drenthe.

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