Estavana and Sylvie are ‘very good’ together

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Cast Better Late Than Never

The divorce in 2013 between Rafael van der Vaart and Sylvie Meis provided a lot of fodder for the showbiz media. From the outside it seemed that the break did not always go smoothly. Handball player Estavana Polman, Van der Vaart’s girlfriend, indicates that the two are now on good terms again and that she also has a good relationship with her boyfriend’s ex.

Sylvie Insta
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“Fortunately, I am very good with Sylvie,” Polman tells Helden Magazine in an interview. That was an important starting point for the handball players when they started a relationship with the former football player: “I have said from day one: I think it is very important that the relationship with Sylvie is good.”

To her satisfaction, this was successful: “It is great that it is the case. She is Damián’s mother and always will be. I think Sylvie, Raf and I are doing very well together. We also make Damián happy with that.”

source: / photo Estavana: ANP

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