Escaped TBS officer Sherwin W. (27) arrested in Spain

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The fugitive forensic prisoner Sherwin W. (27) has been arrested in Spain. The Public Prosecution Service reported this on Friday. W. was tracked down near Murcia (Southeast Spain) and arrested during a joint action between the Dutch FASTNL team and the Spanish FAST team.

Grinding tool

Sherwin W. escaped from the Pompekliniek in Nijmegen on June 21, 2022. Together with fellow detainee Luciano D. he managed to escape through a hole in the fence. A third person had cut that hole in the fence. The three drove off in a white Volkswagen Golf.

Luciano D. was arrested nine days later at a petrol station along the A12 near The Hague, together with a companion. After investigation, according to the police, it turned out that this companion was the man who had helped in the escape: Mamuka K. He had made the hole in the fence at the Pompe clinic with a grinder. He was sentenced to two years in prison in October after a four-year sentence.

Two-time killer

Sherwin W. was sentenced to 5.5 years in prison and TBS in 2019 for double extortion and armed robbery in Tilburg in which 48-year-old Mick Pitaj was shot. The TBS’er had already killed someone before. In 2012, he stabbed 22-year-old Railyson Mathilda to death in Delft. W. was then only 16 years old. He received 1.5 years in prison and youth TBS.

National Tracking List

After his escape from the Pompekliniek, the Rotterdammer was placed on the National Investigation List in November.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, the intensive search for Sherwin W. involved cooperation with Germany, Belgium and Spain, among others. The Public Prosecution Service will ask Spain to hand over the man to the Netherlands.

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