Escaped llamas paralyze train traffic near Vienna 16:07 in Remarkable The animals had escaped from a nearby circus.

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Lamas on the rails near Vienna
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A group of escaped llamas briefly shut down one of Vienna’s main train connections this morning.

The animals had escaped from a circus that was setting up tents nearby, the railway company ÖBB reports. The llamas ran between the tracks at Meidling railway station for about twenty minutes.

Employees of the circus, the railway company and the police eventually all managed to catch the animals and return them to the circus. According to the ÖBB, none of the animals were injured.

A photo distributed by the railway company shows the animals walking on the tracks:

It is very rare that an animal or a group of animals in Vienna paralyzes train traffic, a spokesman for the train operator reports to the DPA news agency. However, in rural areas of the country there are sometimes temporary disruptions due to cows on the rails.

At the end of last month, train traffic was disrupted for a short time after a train ran over a bear in the Austrian state of Salzburg.

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