Escaped British terror suspect arrested after three days 1:36 PM Abroad 21-year-old former soldier Daniel Abed Khalife managed to escape from London’s Wandsworth prison on Wednesday.

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Escaped British terror suspect Daniel Abed Khalife has been arrested after three days. The 21-year-old former soldier escaped from London’s Wandsworth prison on Wednesday by hanging under a food delivery van.

In recent days there has been a manhunt for him in the British capital. More than 150 officers were looking for him. Airports, ports and border crossings were also informed about the outbreak.

He was finally arrested this morning in London after being seen a number of times by people.

Fake bombs

Khalife had been held in the 170-year-old Victorian prison since January. He is suspected of planting fake bombs on a military base and of collecting or disseminating information “that could be useful to an enemy.” It would be about Iran.

Khalife himself denied the latter accusation in court. His case was scheduled to continue in November.

Prison escapes are relatively rare in England. Since 2007, it has happened at most eight times a year and between 2019 and 2022, only three prisoners managed to escape, according to official figures.

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