Eleven dead in Colombia due to explosion in coal mine 16:18 in Abroad Ten miners are also trapped, between 700 and 900 meters underground.

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Rescuers try to get miners out of the mine
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Eleven people have been killed in an explosion at a coal mine in Colombia. Ten others are still trapped in the mines, the country’s authorities have said.

The explosion was yesterday in a mine in central Colombia, about 75 kilometers north of the capital Bogota. The blow was caused by gases accumulated in the mine.


The people still trapped in the mine are at a depth of between 700 and 900 meters, according to the governor of the department of Cundinamarca. More than a hundred rescuers are trying to get them back above ground. Two people have already been rescued and seven others were able to escape on their own.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro speaks of a tragedy. “Together with the government of Cundinamarca, we are doing everything we can to rescue those trapped alive. A hug of solidarity to the victims and their families.”

Frequent accidents

Serious mining accidents happen more often in Colombia. Usually these are mines that have been built illegally or where proper safety measures have not been taken. According to the authorities, the mine where the explosion took place yesterday did have an operating permit.

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