Eindhoven school remains closed after joke about exam stunt with heavy bomb

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The Eckart College in Eindhoven will remain closed today because students wanted to pull an exam stunt with a bomb. In a group app of graduating students, jokes are made about a C4 bomb used by soldiers, Omroep Brabant writes.

The high school does not want to take any risks and decided to keep the doors closed for everyone as a precaution. “Exam stunts are usually funny, but we don’t find this one funny,” says Rector Claire Arts of Eckart.

Last night, the school management sent an e-mail to all parents and students, after a warning from the police. The email states that “the police will be visibly present at the school on Monday”.

‘Major decision’

“It is a major decision, but we think it is the right decision,” writes Arts. “Otherwise we cannot sufficiently guarantee safety at school.”

The group app of graduating students is said to have first discussed party poppers and things like that. Then someone put in a picture of C4 bomb with a timer at 5 minutes, with the text below: “Test variant is ready”.

“Test round tonight,” someone else writes. “Monday showtime,” says yet another.

There are approximately 1500 students at Eckart College. The Eindhoven school expects to open its doors again tomorrow.

Smoke bombs

Many final exam students in the Netherlands have their last day of school this week. This is often ‘celebrated’ with a graduation stunt, which does not always end well.

For example, the police in Tilburg had to put an end to a stunt that got out of hand at Koning Willem II College on Friday afternoon. The building was full of smoke after two smoke bombs were set off in the auditorium.

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