Eight years and TBS for fatal stabbing in juvenile detention

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The court in Breda has sentenced a 19-year-old boy to 8 years in prison and TBS with compulsory treatment for the stabbing in the Den Hey-Acker youth prison in Breda, in which one person died. Two group members of the suspect were stabbed. The incident happened on April 15 last year when the suspect got hold of a chef’s knife while cooking.

Out of nowhere

Out of nowhere, he attacked a group member, stabbing him in the wrist and chest. This group member was seriously injured and had to run for his life. Another group member tried to stop the suspect. He was stabbed in the chest and died shortly after the stabbing.

Stabbing movements were also made towards two group leaders during the incident. One of them just avoided the knife. The court finds that there was manslaughter, two attempted manslaughter and threats.


Research has shown that the suspect has a personality disorder that allows him to react very aggressively to a cause that is unclear to others. He was 18 years old at the time of the stabbing and already had a criminal record of several violent crimes.

He had imposed the PIJ measure in 2021: juvenile detention in combination with intensive treatment and guidance. Before that he was in Den Hey-Acker.

Experts now state that there is a high risk that incidents – such as a stabbing – will take place again if the suspect is not treated intensively and for a long time in a clinic with the highest level of security. That is why the court considers a TBS measure with compulsory treatment necessary.

No juvenile justice

The lawyer had asked that juvenile criminal law be applied. The court does not do that, partly because of the past of the suspect and his psychopathic traits.

The prison sentence of 8 years corresponds to the demand of the public prosecutor.

Victims and surviving relatives will receive compensation of more than 83,000 euros.

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