Dutroux second home also demolished: ‘End of sad chapter’ 13:31 in Abroad The house of the Belgian serial killer and child rapist is in Sars-la-Buissière, in Wallonia. The bodies of two victims were discovered there.

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Another house of Dutroux near Charleroi was already demolished last year
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In the Belgian town of Sars-la-Buissière in the Walloon province of Hainaut, the demolition of the home of serial killer and child rapist Marc Dutroux has started. That happens more than 26 years after the discovery of the bodies of two of his victims, Julie and Mélissa, in the garden.

The demolition will be done in consultation with the families of the two girls, Mayor Bauduin of the municipality told Walloon broadcaster RTBF. “We are going to give this area the peace it deserves. It is the end of a sad and difficult chapter in our region.”

Julie and Mélissa’s families have made it clear that they do not want a memorial for the girls in that place. Instead, a lawn will be laid out. Another house of Dutroux in Marcinelle, near Charleroi, was already demolished last year. There will be a memorial garden for the victims.

Belgian trauma

Marc Dutroux was sentenced to life imprisonment in Belgium in 2004 for multiple kidnapping, kidnapping, rape and murder. He kidnapped six young girls in the 1990s and hid them in a purpose-built basement under his home. He raped them and killed four of them: Julie, Mélissa, An and Eefje. Sabine and Laetitia were found by the police in time.

The Dutroux case is one of the greatest traumas in Belgium. See an overview of the case here:

The Dutroux case: one of the greatest traumas in Belgium
  • Investigation into Dutroux’s possible role in Tanja Groen’s disappearance
  • Ex-wife and accomplice Marc Dutroux now also free without conditions
  • The Dutroux residence is making way for a memorial garden
  • Abroad

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