Dutchman released who had been held in a Spanish cell for weeks 17:19 in the Netherlands, Abroad At the end of July, the Moroccan Dutchman was arrested in Spain. He is suspected of terrorism and poses a threat to national security.

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The Tilburg citizen was arrested by the police in Spain
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A 35-year-old Tilburg citizen who was held in a Spanish cell for weeks on suspicion of terrorism was released today. This is reported by human rights organization Muslim Rights Watch (MRWN), which has been campaigning for his release in recent weeks.

The Moroccan-Dutch was arrested on July 24 in the northern city of Burgos. The man turned out to be unknowingly banned from entering Spain and was arrested after he and his wife checked into a Spanish hotel. After his arrest, he discovered that his name was on an international alert list.

The Tilburg citizen was probably wrongly placed on a terror list. Outgoing Minister of Justice and Security Yesilgöz confirmed earlier this year that citizens are wrongly included on such a list, but that they must take action themselves to resolve this.

Summary proceedings against the state

Reason enough for MRWN to sue the Dutch state. Initially, the organization did this because the state would have taken no action to free the man and would therefore have been negligent.

Despite the release of the Tilburger, the summary proceedings in The Hague continue, MRWN states in a press release. “The trial tomorrow will focus on the incorrect information that has been spread, and the unwillingness of the state to rectify the information and/or clarify the innocence to the Spanish authorities.”

  • Muslim Rights Watch challenges the state over terrorist suspicion of Tilburg man
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