Dutchman gets 10 years in prison in Slovakia for record catch of 1.5 tons of meth

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A Dutch man was sentenced to 10 years in prison in Slovakia last month for a record amount of crystal meth that was found in the country in May 2020. The Public Prosecution Service in Slovakia had demanded 20 years in prison. Another Dutchman was previously convicted in the criminal case, who has been serving his prison sentence in our country since February 2022. That writes My Nitra.

Mexican meth

In May 2020, a mega batch of nearly 1.5 tons of methamphetamine from Mexico was found on an industrial estate in the town of Nitra, in western Slovakia. Unprecedented in the history of Slovakia. The drugs worth tens of millions of euros were hidden in two metal liquid tanks.

Deal with justice

The Dutchmen Leon V. and Frank R. were arrested in the Netherlands in the autumn of 2020 and handed over to Slovakia. Frank R. pleaded guilty and made a deal with the judiciary in Slovakia (a so-called plea agreement) for a reduced sentence. He has been serving his prison sentence in the Netherlands since February 2022. It is not clear how many years he received.


Leon V. was sentenced to 10 years in prison in Slovakia last month for his involvement in meth smuggling. According to the court, he was the last link in the organization and the right hand of Frank R.

Leon V., who declares himself innocent, was handed over again to Slovakia last month to serve his prison sentence there. The verdict is not yet final, both V. and the Slovak OM have appealed.


The previously convicted Frank R. negotiated with Leon V. about the drug smuggling via encrypted Encrochat messages, according to the court. According to the Public Prosecution Service in Slovakia, the two men were members of an international criminal organization that imported the methamphetamine from Mexico to Slovakia. “The evidence forms a complete chain,” said the judge in the verdict against V.

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