‘Dutchman caught with hashish in Spanish enclave’

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'Dutchman caught with hashish in Spanish enclave'

The Guardia Civil arrested a Dutchman in the Spanish enclave of Melilla on Saturday who was about to take the ferry to Almería. 27 kilos of hashish were found in the man’s car.

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Melilla is a small Spanish enclave in Morocco.

The man was the only occupant of a Mercedes E220 with a Dutch license plate. When Civil Guard officers examined his car, they saw that adjustments had been made to the bottom and sides that could indicate the presence of hidden spaces.


Further investigation revealed that 35 packages of hashish were hidden in the car, weighing a total of 27 kilos. The driver has been arrested. He is a 58-year-old Dutchman.

It regularly happens that Dutch people try to smuggle hashish into Europe from the Spanish enclaves in Morocco, Melilla and Ceuta.


Dutchman gets almost four years in prison for hash smuggling in Spain

Spain: Dutchman caught with 40 kilos of hashish in the car

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