Dutchman arrested in Dominican Republic for large-scale drug trade

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A customs officer with a drug dog in the port of Rotterdam
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A 47-year-old Dutchman has been arrested in the Dominican Republic. This was done at the request of the Dutch Public Prosecution Service. The man suspects this of large-scale international drug trafficking.

Dennis G. would use criminal contacts, including corrupt port employees, to smuggle drugs in both the Dominican Republic and the Netherlands. He is considered an important member of an international drug network that Ridouan Taghi is said to have been a member of.

Transport in Colombia and Great Britain

Police investigation of encrypted chat messages found on servers in Canada in 2017 revealed that G. was probably involved in cocaine shipments that were seized in Colombia in 2015. It concerned batches of 985 and 522 kilos. The packages read “Rasta”, which would be the suspect’s nickname.

G. would also be involved in a transport of 47 kilos of cocaine, which was intercepted in Great Britain in 2015. Based on other decrypted messages, the suspicion has arisen that the Dutchman was involved in the import of hundreds of kilograms of cocaine into the Netherlands in 2019 and 2020.

It is not yet known when the suspect will be extradited to the Netherlands.

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