Dutch team finds four people in Turkey, nine days after earthquakes

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Rescue dogs in Turkey
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Dutch rescue dog teams have found four living earthquake victims under the rubble in Turkey. Turkey and Syria were hit by earthquakes nine days ago.

These include a father and son who were found last night in the Hatay region. The two were tracked down with rescue dogs. Two adult men were also found last night.

It is not clear how long the foursome has been under the rubble.

The organization took action after a request from the Turkish Search and Rescue team. “There, our dogs located the specific place where they had to search. Then the Turkish SAR took the people out from under the rubble,” John van Norden of the rescue team told NOS.

According to him, the foursome was probably found in the city of Antakya, but because the search teams keep coming up with new reports, it is sometimes not entirely clear to Van Norden where they are exactly.

The rescue team consists of 28 rescuers and eighteen dogs and works day and night in six-hour shifts. Last Monday, a 13-year-old girl was also found buried on the instructions of the dogs. A local recovery team, with whom the rescue team works closely, managed to pull the still living child from under the rubble.

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