Dutch rescue dog teams rescued ten people in Turkey

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The rescue dog team in Turkey.
NOS News

Thanks to Dutch rescue dog teams, ten people have been pulled alive from under the rubble in the disaster area in Turkey, the rescue dog team RHWW reports. Earlier today, the seventh person was already rescued, and three more were added later. Five bodies were also recovered.

The chance that people are still alive from under the rubble is decreasing every day. Most international rescue operations have therefore stopped. The Dutch rescue team USAR returned to the Netherlands on Thursday. The team rescued 12 people from collapsed buildings in Turkey.

The rescue dog teams will travel back to the Netherlands tonight or tonight. An earlier flight, with which the teams were supposed to arrive in the Netherlands this afternoon, was cancelled.

Death toll continues to rise

In Turkey, the death toll has now risen to 40,642, in Syria the death toll has been at 5,800 for days. Information only occasionally comes out from the Syrian disaster area. The death toll is expected to rise even further in both countries, because many people are still under the rubble.

Earlier today, three people were pulled alive from under the rubble. A father, mother and child were taken to hospital. The child died there of dehydration.

Nearly 200,000 people have been evacuated from the affected Turkish areas, the national disaster relief authority AFAD reports in the latest update.

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