‘Dutch people of Iranian descent detained in Spain for cannabis cultivation’

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'Dutch people of Iranian descent detained in Spain for cannabis cultivation'

A group of Dutch people of Iranian descent were arrested in the Spanish region of Catalonia in mid-March in an investigation into large-scale cannabis cultivation, Spanish media report. The group had set up cannabis plantations in luxury detached homes on the Costa Brava.

Dutch studies

According to the Mossos d’Esquadra and the Spanish National Police, the suspects had a Dutch passport. They had lived in Catalonia for years and some have also been suspects in Dutch investigations into organized cannabis cultivation.

The Mossos speak of six very professionally designed cannabis plantations that were set up in various residential areas in the coastal region of Maresme, around the town of MatarĂ³.

1.53 gigawatts

It was led by a number of brothers. For manual work such as cutting the cannabis buds and packing, the suspects employed casual workers who had no idea about the rest of the organization.

The family owned several businesses dedicated to real estate management and the rental of vehicles to transport the marijuana.

An estimated 1.53 gigawatts of illegally tapped electricity, worth at least 383,469 euros, was used for the plantations.

13 March

On March 13, raids were carried out and fourteen people were arrested. 110 kilos of marijuana buds and 7,000 marijuana plants in various flowering stages were seized.

One of the main suspects was only arrested at Barcelona airport last Monday as he was about to leave the country.

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