Dutch dead during settlement between Swedish criminals in Istanbul (UPDATE)

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Dutch dead during settlement between Swedish criminals in Istanbul (UPDATE)

In a new settlement in the Swedish/Turkish drug environment, one person died in Istanbul on Sunday evening. At a café on the outskirts of the city, 30-year-old Mazlum Ayrancı, a Dutchman with Turkish nationality, was shot dead. His friend Umut Koyuncu (32) suffered a gunshot wound to his leg. The three suspects – Swedish citizens with Turkish roots – allegedly involved in the attack are on the run.

By Roel Janssen / Image: DHA

According to Turkish media, both victims are part of the inner circle of Ismail Abdo (33), a leader who previously belonged to the criminal organization Foxtrot. Abdo, alias “Strawberry”, was the former right-hand man of Swedish gang leader Rawa Majid. The two men became sworn rivals when a major drug transport went wrong. Both criminals reside in Turkey, from where they direct their soldiers.

Argument in cafe

On Sunday evening, March 17, around 11:30 PM, an argument broke out between two groups at a cafe in Maslak, Sarıyer, Istanbul for an unknown reason. When both parties left the cafe a little later, Mazlum Ayrancı and Umut Koyuncu were shot. Ayrancı was fatally wounded, Koyuncu was injured in the leg and taken to hospital.

Three suspects

The police found a pistol and eight bullet casings at the crime scene, and a detailed investigation was also carried out into the car that was identified as belonging to the suspects. The police are looking for three suspects, they are Swedish citizens of Turkish origin.

Internationally sought after

Mazlum Ayrancı grew up in Amsterdam-Osdorp but emigrated to Sweden at some point, his father told Crimesite.

The father of the fatal victim Mazlum Ayrancı mentions Rawa Majid in Turkish media as the perpetrator of the murder. According to the victim’s father, his son was an enemy of Rawa Majid, who has been wanted internationally since 2020 for major drug cases and planning murders. Majid is one of Sweden’s most wanted criminals. Ayrancı’s father in Turkish media: ‘Why was this mafia here? I do not know what happened. His friends said to him, Don’t go, but he didn’t listen.’

Previous shooting

There was also a shooting at the same café in Sarıyer where the attack took place on Sunday evening on September 15, 2023. Two men on motorcycles opened fire on the café, after which six Swedish men fired back at their attackers from the café and left in a luxury minibus. No one was injured, but Turkish police soon arrested the six Swedish suspects and the driver of the vehicle. According to Turkish media, Rawa Majid’s name was also mentioned in this conflict.


Majid, alias the “Kurdish Fox”, is an Iraqi-Kurdish criminal who grew up in the Swedish city of Uppsala, but has lived in Turkey since 2018. He is seen as the leader of the Swedish criminal organization Foxtrot, which has been linked to numerous shootings and bombings in Sweden.

The Netherlands

In January, an explosion took place in Nijmegen at the home of Majid’s cousin. Majid’s half-brother is also said to live in the Netherlands. A criminal case with Dutch suspects is currently underway at the court in Roermond, in which two drug transports are linked to the fugitive Swedish gang leader. This concerns two transports of almost 190 kilos of amphetamine and almost 51 kilos of ecstasy pills from Maasbree in Limburg to Sweden, which are linked to Majid by the Public Prosecution Service.

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