Dutch arrested in Belgium with almost 4 tons of cocaine

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In the Turnhout region, the Belgian police arrested ten people on Tuesday evening in an investigation into the import of a batch of cocaine of almost 4 tons. At least two Dutch people are among the suspects. According to the Belgian police, the catch was accidental.

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Up and down

The police received a report around 10 p.m. on Tuesday about ‘a suspicious situation’ on Steenweg in Ravels, close to Oud-Turnhout. Several cars with Dutch license plates drove up and down. A police patrol checked a car with two Dutchmen aged 27 and 46. Police say the two had “no proper explanation” of their presence. After a check, the two men turned out to be known in the Netherlands for drug-related facts.

Elsewhere on Steenweg, a 39-year-old man was arrested after turning around when he saw the police.


The police saw an address on the Kanaaldijk in Ravels in the Waze app of the Dutch. It turned out to be a warehouse that was for rent.

Officers entered the shed with that information and with the permission of the judiciary. There, seven men were arrested near a container. That container contained 68 bags of cocaine. The exact amount will have to be determined further. It’s probably almost 4 tons of cocaine.

Ten men have been arrested and are currently being questioned by the Federal Judicial Police (FGP) Antwerp. The ten will be brought before the investigating judge in Turnhout in the course of the day.

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