Dutch arrested for explosive raid in Germany, officers injured

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The exploded ATM in the German city of Melle
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Three Dutch people were arrested yesterday after a thud in Germany. Three officers were injured in the chase, one of them seriously.

The thud took place in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday at a bank in the town of Melle, about 100 kilometers east of Enschede. After an explosion in the ATM, the perpetrators fled in a black Audi RS3 towards the Netherlands.

The police then gave chase, which ended near the town of Wettrup, just across the border at Emmen. There, the police had placed a spike mat on the road, with which the tires of the car were punctured.

The three occupants then ran out of the car. The police were able to immediately arrest two men, aged 18 and 20. A third occupant, a 23-year-old man, initially escaped. The police deployed dogs, drones and a helicopter and managed to arrest him yesterday afternoon in a meadow near Wettrup.

Laser pointers

During the chase to Wettrup, the cars drove at high speed on German roads. The fugitives also shone laser pointers at the officers to blind them.

One of the police cars had an accident on the way, in which one officer was seriously injured. Another officer was slightly injured, a third was injured when he overpowered the suspects.

Damage to the police car:

One of the German police cars had an accident during the pursuit

Dutch explosive squatters are increasingly targeting ATMs in Germany. Last year, a record number of ATMs were blown up. According to the newspaper Welt Am Sonntag, at least 450 German vending machines were already the target of a thud until the beginning of December.

Because vending machines in Germany are less well protected, this appears to be a more fertile working area for criminals than the Netherlands.

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