Dutch arrested for circumventing Russia sanctions

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The tax investigation service, the FIOD, has arrested two Dutch people on suspicion of circumventing sanctions against Russia. Among them is a defense employee.

In a press release today, the FIOD reports that a 53-year-old man from Arnhem was arrested on August 29. During the search of his home, business and storage space, a quarter of a million euros in cash, aircraft parts, weapons and ammunition were found.

Bank assets of approximately 160,000 euros were also seized. The suspect has a company that exported aircraft parts, mainly to Russia.

Through intermediate countries

A day later, the second person was arrested, the 48-year-old defense employee, also from Arnhem. Both men are said to have continued to export to Russia via intermediaries, despite the sanctions that have been in place since the start of the Ukraine war.

Both men have now been brought before the examining magistrate and may be detained for at least another sixty days. Because it concerns defense personnel, the military police are also involved in the investigation.

People have previously been arrested for violating sanctions against Russia, including for exporting computer parts or paying dividends. Tens of millions were also frozen in accounts that could be linked to people on the European sanctions list.

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