Dubai will extradite drug criminal “Dikke Nordin” to Belgium

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Dubai will extradite drug criminal “Dikke Nordin” to Belgium

The Court of Cassation in Dubai has approved the extradition of Nordin El H., alias “Dikke Nordin van Den Dam” to Belgium. Several Belgian media wrote this. The 35-year-old Antwerp drug criminal is said to appear in various Antwerp drug files, including cocaine smuggling through the port and a series of attacks in Antwerp.


El H. was previously sentenced in Belgium to 40 months in prison for drug trafficking. After that conviction, he fled to Dubai in 2016, from where, according to Belgian justice, he continued to lead his criminal organization and smuggled cocaine into the port of Antwerp. El H. is now also accused of drug trafficking.


“Fat Nordin” was arrested in Dubai in June 2020, but was released after a week after paying a bail of 10,000 euros. The Antwerp court has made several attempts in recent years to have Nordin El H. extradited from Dubai, but those attempts were in vain.

Extradition treaty

After the United Arab Emirates and Belgium signed an extradition treaty in December 2021, and the Antwerp court had again drawn up some extradition files, the Court of Cassation in Dubai decided to extradite him, even though El H. appealed several times.

Big fish

Nordin El H. grew from a small street dealer in the Dam district of Antwerp over the last decade to one of the major players in international cocaine smuggling. He is said to be one of the main suspects behind a series of attacks with hand grenades in the Antwerp drug environment. His parental home was shot at, his mother’s car was set on fire, (fake) grenades were placed in front of the door and his brother was attacked in the street.

El H. is also being prosecuted in the case surrounding the cocaine extractors of Frank “De Tank” V.

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