Drug waste found in Made and Hooge Zwaluwe

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Made and Hooge Zwaluwe – On Friday morning, February 24, 2023, officers found barrels of drug waste in two places. The fire brigade took measurements and specialist services cleaned up the barrels. Police are still looking for witnesses who may have seen something.

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Around 6 a.m., the control room received a report of possible drug waste on Witteweg in Made. On site, agents find 7 barrels with a liquid.

Around 07:00 a second report of drug waste came in, on Hoevenseweg in Hooge Zwaluwe. There too, agents find 15 barrels with a liquid.

The fire service has carried out measurements at both locations. This shows that it is probably drug waste, used to process drugs. The measurements also show that there is little or no pollution for the water. The barrels have been cleaned up by specialist services.

Did you see something?
Officers have conducted an investigation at the scene, but there is no indication of the perpetrator. The police are therefore still looking for witnesses who may have seen something of the dumping. Think of a suspicious person or vehicle. Then report this via 0900-8844 or anonymously via M. on 0800-7000.

Information source: Politie.nl

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