Drug lab found at Berenkoog in Alkmaar

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Alkmaar – On Tuesday, October 31 around 9:50 am, following an anonymous tip, a drug lab was found in a business premises on Berenkoog in Alkmaar. No suspects have been arrested, police are still investigating.

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Following an anonymous tip, the police investigated a drug lab in a business premises in a business complex in Alkmaar.
The police entered the building and found a drug lab that was still in operation. There was a strong chemical smell. Research has yet to reveal which drugs were produced.

Do you suspect a drug lab?
Drug labs can be located anywhere; in the countryside or in the big city, in barns, houses, garages or in apartment buildings. Signs that a drug lab is located include the presence of a strong synthetic odor (aniseed or chemically pungent, sour or acetone). In the building in question, cracks and/or windows are often sealed with polyurethane foam, windows may be steamed up or taped over.

Do you suspect a drug lab? Then call the police via 112. You can report anonymously via 0800-7000. More information about what to do if you discover a drug lab can be found here.


Information source: Politie.nl

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