Drug case with Dutch suspects linked to fugitive Rawa Majid

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Drug case with Dutch suspects linked to fugitive Rawa Majid

A criminal case is currently underway at the court in Roermond with Dutch suspects, in which two drug transports are linked to the fugitive Swedish gang leader Rawa Majid (37). This concerns two transports of almost 190 kilos of amphetamine and almost 51 kilos of ecstasy pills from Maasbree in Limburg to Sweden, which is linked to Majid by the Public Prosecution Service. Dutch lawyers want to hear Majid as a witness in the case.

By Roel Janssen

On July 28, 2021, the police received a report from a transport company in Maasbree about a pallet that had been picked up in Oostrum and that had to be transported to Sweden. The pallet had fallen over in the truck and it turned out that drugs were hidden in a load of noodles. Research showed that it involved 189.3 kilos of amphetamine (speed) and 50.98 kilos of ecstasy pills.

DNA from Brahim I was found on one of the seal bags. His DNA was also found in the truck that picked up the load.

Phone information

Another driver stated that on June 24, 2021, he picked up a similar load at the same location that was transported to the same address in Sweden. Based on data from a seized telephone, it turned out that it involved 55 kilos of hard drugs.


The investigation into the case led to the arrest of six suspects between the ages of 21 and 49 in Limburg, The Hague and Rotterdam in October 2022. The case started due to a blunder: because the boxes were not stacked properly, they fell over during the journey.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, the first drug transport was successful, but the second was intercepted. However, according to the defense of one of the four Dutch suspects in the case, the police have not conducted an adequate investigation in Sweden with regard to the successful or unsuccessful transport that his client is accused of.

Witness hearing

Because the Public Prosecution Service sees Rawa Majid and a co-suspect as the recipients of the drug shipments, it is crucial that Majid is heard as a witness, according to lawyer Michel van Stratum of one of the Dutch suspects. The court has granted the hearing, but the examining magistrate does not want to send legal assistance requests to Turkey and Sweden. The examining magistrate previously rejected such a request, because ‘Majid has been internationally identified and his whereabouts are unknown’. Van Stratum has objected to this.

Van Stratum says that Majid is simply in Turkey. ‘He has to report to the police station twice a week and his address details are known to the authorities. So it should not be a problem for the Turkish authorities to find him to be interrogated by the examining magistrate in the criminal case.’

Foxtrot gang

Fugitive Rawa Majid heads the Swedish criminal organization Foxtrot from Turkey. He has been wanted by the Swedish police for years and, according to the Swedish authorities, is not only involved in bringing in large quantities of drugs, but also plans and commits attacks on rivals and issues murder orders.


An explosion took place at the Nijmegen home of Majid’s cousin more than a week ago. A Dutch-born and raised half-brother of Majid was recently convicted in a Dutch drug case.

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