Drivers robbed by fake agents in Brabant

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Veghel, Uden, Sint Hubert – Recently, the police have been receiving reports of robberies by fake agents. Truck drivers of foreign origin are stopped and money is stolen under threat. The detective is investigating the cases.

A foreign driver of a car ambulance was stopped on the Hapseweg in Sint Hubert around 1 p.m. last Wednesday. A light-colored BMW pulled up next to the driver and a sign saying ‘Stop Polizei’ was shown by fake cops. The officers did not wear uniforms, but in some cases showed a suspected fake police pass. After the driver stopped, the fake cop asked for drugs and money. The victim said he had no drugs but money. The man wanted to go to the nearest police station to continue talking, but at that moment the fake officer pulled out a gun. Under threat of this, the victim handed over thousands of euros. The fake agents then left in an unknown direction.

On Wednesday, March 15, we have now received a total of 5 reports. There were 4 in the Veghel/Uden region, where car dealers were stopped by fake agents and tens of thousands of euros were captured. The police suspect that these robberies were carried out by the same group.

The description of one of the fake agents:
– Sturdy posture;
– Light hair color;
– 170cm/ 175cm tall;
– White skin color;
– Mouth mask (corona mask) on;
– Transparent gloves (as available at gas station);

The detective therefore wants to warn everyone who goes out and is stopped. When in doubt, always ask for the identification of the police officer and immediately call 112 if it is not correct.

To give evidence
The police are busy with the investigation, but any help is very welcome. Do you have information or have you seen something suspicious where a driver has been stopped? Or do you perhaps have CCTV or dashcam images of a passenger car driving suspiciously behind a truck or car ambulances? Then let him know and contact us at 0900-8844 or via Meld Misdaad Anoniem 0800-7000.

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Recently the Dutch police received multiple notifications about robberies by fake cops. Truck drivers from different nationalities are being pulled over and are getting robbed. Detectives are investigating the cases.

Last Wednesday around 1 o’clock in the afternoon a foreign driver got pulled over while he was driving on the Hapseweg in Sint Hubert. A light-colored BMW drove next to him and showed a sign saying ‘Stop Polizei’. When he stopped the fake cop asked if he had drugs or money with him. The victim answered that he only had money, but that he wanted to go to the nearest police station. At that point the fake cop showed him a gun and threatened him, so the man gave the fake policemen his money.

On Wednesday 15th of March, the police received 4 other notifications about similar robberies. This happened in Veghel and in Uden. The police suspects that the same group is responsible for the robberies.

Description of one of the suspects:

  • Firm posture
  • Light hair color
  • 170/175cm tall
  • White skin color
  • facemask
  • See through hand cloves

The police is warning everyone who is traveling with a lot of money and is being pulled over by (fake) police. When in doubt, always ask for identification and/or call 112 in case of emergency.

The police are investigating the cases but can use more information about these incidents. Do you have information, or did you see something suspicious? Do you have video footage or dashcam footage? Let us know and call 0900-8844 or anonymous via 0800-7000.

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