​DreameBot D10s Plus review: robot vacuum cleaner with a lot of suction power

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In the past, robot vacuum cleaners often had a bad reputation for making a lot of noise, without vacuuming much. Fortunately, the devices have now become a lot better, as the DreameBot D10s Plus proves: a robot vacuum cleaner that stands firmly in its shoes and can mop and vacuum your entire house. And he can even consider your pets.


DreamBot D10s Plus

It is always exciting how big a robot vacuum cleaner and its docking station is: will it be a huge obstacle, or is it actually quite easy to subtly conceal it in the interior? DreamBot is a large unit, but on the other hand there is the advantage that the device can clean itself. Where it starts vacuuming quite quietly when leaving, it does sound like an ordinary vacuum cleaner when it releases the vacuumed dust when it returns to the station.

The dock is also not too high, so you can place it fairly easily under a table, for example. The device will start charging as soon as you plug the station into the socket and you will be told that in a clear, English-speaking narrator. That way you know where you stand. In any case, it is a very clear device. You only have to download the Dreame app and you can very easily connect your new robot vacuum cleaner to your WiFi. This works in the same way as with a wake-up light. First you connect to your home WiFi and then you log in on your smartphone to the WiFi of your device, after which the two are connected. Very handy and so squeaky.


Pets and vacuuming

You also don’t have to set up the device completely first: you can just let it roll out by pressing the button on the top. There are three buttons: on/off, home and away. When you set off, the vacuum cleaner moves neatly through your living room and when it almost collides, it changes course. It asks you if you have pets when you set it up. Not so much to get his cat nail armor up and running (there isn’t one, although my cats certainly had a problem with this “new pet”). No, this vacuum cleaner can take your animals’ excrement into account. That saves a lot of smeared misery, as you might imagine (and of which the internet also contains the necessary evidence).

What especially triggers the cats are the rotating brushes that ensure that it effectively clears away dirt. He already does that thanks to his impressive suction power of 5,000 Pa, but those extra brushes help to get extra dirt into his mouth. It goes like a raging on laminate, but Dreame D10s Plus also holds its own on the carpets in the house. It makes its way over a carpet, although that may also depend on the type of carpet. Mine is very thin and short-haired: a long-haired specimen will undoubtedly be considerably more complicated. However, there is carpet boost, which means that the vacuum cleaner tries a little harder when it encounters a carpet.


Map your home via AI

It is not the case that this vacuum cleaner works completely like a chicken without a head: it does map your room while it is driving, so that it can work even more effectively next time. And so that you can set some kind of no-go areas, if you have a nice LEGO set on the floor or prefer to leave the cat in its basket alone. This vacuum cleaner can continue until it drops: the run time is 280 minutes.

The fact that the vacuum cleaner maps your house so quickly is possible thanks to the addition of artificial intelligence, which also helps the vacuum cleaner to quickly make those house plans. There is more, however: this vacuum cleaner is equipped with a camera, which allows you to keep an eye on your house (albeit from a somewhat awkward place below). It’s not a security system, but if you think something is suspicious (or just want to see if your cat is being annoying again), you can access the camera via the app to see what’s happening.

DreamBot bag

Mopping and sucking

Furthermore, the household runs smoothly with this vacuum cleaner. It can empty itself, it can drive out whenever you want and it lasts quite a long time on its 5,200 mAh battery. The fact that the dust container is 570 ml and the water tank also 235 ml also help with that. He can also joke. You can’t turn that on separately in the app, it just does that automatically, as long as there’s water in the reservoir and a mop is attached to the front at the bottom.

Before using your robot vacuum cleaner, it is important to clean up properly first and to give the device ample room to do its thing. It’s a fairly wide vacuum, so it takes up quite a bit of space as it maneuvers around your room. So more space is significantly better. However, once you have done that, you can enjoy a clean floor without having to roll up your sleeves yourself. DreameBot D10S Plus does all that for you and that’s exactly how a modern robot vacuum cleaner should do.


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