Dozens of funerals for everyone to see on YouTube 14:57 in Binnenland Relatives tell the newspaper that they have not given permission.

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A screenshot of a live stream that is on YouTube
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There are dozens of registrations of funerals online on YouTube. A simple search will reveal the videos showing the casket and those in attendance, including their speeches.

Relatives tell the newspaper Tubantia that they had no idea that their relative’s funeral was online. “I’m flabbergasted,” says a man after seeing the images. We as a family really didn’t know this. I’m amazed that there are recordings of this and that anyone can see them.”

A live stream is often a solution for people who cannot attend the funeral, for example due to the corona measures of recent years. In many cases, people can log in to a site that requires a password or a link is shared that only invitees can open.

No permission

But now it appears that those services can be seen by everyone. Relatives tell the newspaper that they have not given permission. “I was told that they would record and that afterwards I was given a code so that I could download the video,” says someone whose wife has died. “The recording would then be removed after thirty days. But now it appears to be on YouTube. Why did I need that code?”

Tubantia spoke to a church in Nijverdal and in Wierden and pointed them to the videos. “A good wake-up call,” says a sexton. “We need to keep a closer eye on this.” They have now put the videos on ‘hidden’.

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