Double house fire, person died, police assume arson

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Oosterhout – After extinguishing a double house fire on Elsbeemd, the fire brigade found a deceased person in one of those houses last night. It is probably the 59-year-old resident, but this has not yet been formally established. The police suspect arson. Detectives therefore conduct a neighborhood investigation on site and interview witnesses. They also view camera images. Forensic Investigation employees conduct a trace investigation.

The emergency services received a report of a house fire at Elsbeemd on Tuesday, November 21, 2023 around 3 a.m. The fire quickly spread to an adjacent home. The fire brigade scaled up with a lot of equipment and manpower to fight this fire. While extinguishing the fire, a deceased person was found in one of the two homes. The residents of the other house, a couple with a two-year-old child, fled through a window on the first floor. They were taken by ambulance to a hospital for a check-up, but were allowed to return home after treatment.

The police assume arson, partly in view of statements from (neighborhood) residents and traces. The Criminal Investigation Department and Forensic Investigation are therefore conducting an extensive investigation on site.

If you have seen anything about the fire or have other information about it, please call the police in Oosterhout 0900-8844, then mention case number 2023296431.

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