Doornbos expects fireworks from Verstappen: ‘Just sit back and enjoy it, it will be magical’

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Doornbos expects fireworks from Verstappen: 'Just sit back and enjoy it, it will be magical'

For Robert Doornbos there is no doubt that Max Verstappen will dominate the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend. The Red Bull Racing driver has also stood head and shoulders above the rest of the field in the past two seasons. According to the analyst, the circuit suits the Dutchman perfectly. The former F1 driver, on the other hand, is a lot less positive about Logan Sargeant.

According to Doornbos, the performance of Sargeant and Verstappen was a night and day difference. The American crashed hard in FP1 at the exit of turn seven and stated that he did not realize where he was on the circuit. Williams team boss James Vowles stated that Sargeant was not even pushing, but that is not correct, according to Doornbos. “You also have to push, because the weather forecast for FP2 was very bad, so you have to collect data in FP1 and there was no reason to drive slowly,” says Doorbos in the Race CafĂ©.

“I think it will be a very long season for this boy in this way and therefore also for Williams,” suspects the former Formula 1 driver, who thinks that Vowles is now also done with the American’s disappointing performances. “Vowles wants to get rid of him as quickly as possible,” Doornbos dares to say.

‘Verstappen is going to pile everyone into a pile’

Sargeant lacks self-confidence and that is precisely Verstappen’s strength. ‘There are drivers who can make a difference here. If you have confidence and you feel like it, then you should attack Suzuka. If you don’t, it will bite you. Just look at Verstappen, because he was looking forward to it,” Doornbos points out the Dutchman’s fastest lap in FP1.

The Ziggo Sport analyst cannot imagine that there is anyone who can make it difficult for Verstappen this weekend at Suzuka. ‘Max (Verstappen, ed.) dominates on these types of tracks. He is going to pile everyone into a pile here,” Doornbos predicts. “Even though it may not seem that way in the timetable,” the former driver refers to the long runs in FP1, in which Ferrari in particular looked very strong. “This is really his circuit.”

According to presenter Rob Kamphues, the English press expects a strong Ferrari, but Doornbos absolutely does not agree with that. ‘That qualifying round on Saturday morning, sit down for it, because it will be magical. It seems as if the circuit was made for the Red Bull and for Max. He has won twice in a row. “It’s more about seeing who can join in,” Doornbos predicts that the competition will have to focus mainly on P2.

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