‘Don’t shout that I stay or go back to Ajax. I really have to play a lot’

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‘Don’t shout that I stay or go back to Ajax.  I really have to play a lot’

Anass Salah-Eddine does not yet know where his future lies, but FC Twente is investigating the option of keeping the multifunctional left leg. The Tukkers are renting Salah-Eddine from Ajax this season and would prefer to take him in permanently. Ajax previously refused to include an option to buy in the rental deal.

Salah-Eddine had a somewhat difficult start at Twente, but now he plays more and stands out. The youth international already played as a left back, defensive midfielder and winger. His lease at Twente expires next summer. TC/Tubantia inquired at Jan Streuer. The technical director states that Twente is looking at a longer stay for Salah-Eddine.

The number five in the Eredivisie would prefer to take over Ajax’s training product permanently, but the club is investigating the possibilities. Ajax has not yet taken a position, reports the regional newspaper. Salah-Eddine himself does not yet know where his future lies, he says. “Whether I will stay with FC Twente after this season? Good question, but I am not going to answer that yet. I dare not say it yet. I hope so,” he says to Tubantia.

Soon Salah-Eddine slows down. “After the season I’m going to see what’s best. I’m not going to say that I’m staying here or going back to Ajax. I do indeed have to play a lot and show myself every week. Whether Ajax has already made itself heard? I for myself. What FC Twente wants? You have to ask Jan (Streuer, technical director, ed.) “, the 21-year-old Amsterdammer laughs.

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