Don’t let ChatGPT create your dating app profile

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Don’t let ChatGPT create your dating app profile

One only puts photos on it, the other really wants to make something of it, complete with texts about who they are. It just turns out that you can best write those texts yourself. If you leave it to AI, like ChatGPT, you will come across as quite different from who you really are.


We wanted to try it out for ourselves, but unfortunately ChatGPT has been showing for the past few weeks that the servers are too busy. It is an editor of Cnet succeeded and that resulted in a somewhat disturbing profile. It makes sense that she should try: we are now – as best as we can – all busy experimenting with ChatGPT and other AI applications. What can you ask, how far can you go, can such a robot really make a good diet plan, come up with a nice weekend away together or write a beautiful poem?

But another item that people always find difficult to write themselves is of course the dating profile. It is about yourself, it has to be appealing: in the end there is quite a bit of pressure on it. You don’t want to scare people away, but yes, maybe certain people do, so every word counts. That’s exactly why ChatGPT may not be your best friend when it comes to dating apps: the AI ​​doesn’t sense that nuance.

Dating profile

A 500-character dating app biography was requested for a woman who loves music, books and indoor plants. Are you ready for it? Here’s what ChatGPT came up with: “Music lover, bookworm and proud plant parent. In my spare time I sing along to my favorite music, dive into the latest bestseller and tend to my ever-growing collection of houseplants. I’m looking for someone to take care of my passions and willing to join me on impromptu adventures, fun nights out and trips to the local nursery. Let’s swap books and albums over coffee and discuss our favorite genres. Bonus points if you have a green thumb!”

ChatGPT is very creative, that’s for sure. Plant parent is nice, but the ‘trips to the local nursery’ are a bit strange. And ‘Let’s exchange books and albums while we have coffee and discuss our favorite genres’ goes a bit too far, topped off with that bouncer. But then again, you can’t blame the AI: after all, you’ve only given it so many hints to do something with. That you are otherwise just a human being who is not necessarily obsessed with plants, that AI cannot know. So it might be better to do it yourself.

Creative help

What you can use AI for, that is to start nice opening sentences. It’s one of the harder things on Tinder: how do you get started? With ‘Hi, how are you?’ you often don’t get very far. So yeah, let the AI ​​write something funny like a one-sentence answer that finishes, “My plan when a zombie apocalypse breaks out is…” Then it will come back with really funny stuff, but that’s okay too, that’s less personal. For example, ChatGPT indicated that it wanted to teach the zombies the Cha-Cha slide, because you can never do enough cardio training in a crisis. It is very random, but actually very effective for that reason.

You may of course wonder whether it is ethical to have your texts written by AI. After all, someone thinks with that zombie answer that you are a bit crazy and hilarious and absurd, while in reality you may not be at all. And what if AI continues to develop and provides more and more natural answers? Then date the robot, or the human who made the robot answer the question? ChatGPT can certainly help, but let it be a small basis, or only use it for answers if you’re really not in the mood to be fun, but want to show that to a potential date immediately. Or go full ChatGPT, but let your date know before you actually meet. Because building a robot for that time was a lot of work.

ChatGPT integration

Incidentally, many dating apps are looking at how they can integrate ChatGPT, there are even smaller dating apps that already have a ChatGPT button that can help you answer. So it is certainly not crazy if you use it, but it is certainly not authentic and that is what some dating sites are about. Depending on your intentions, you can of course experiment with ChatGPT: the crazy texts it comes up with will definitely put a smile on your face, and that’s what dating apps are for.

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