Does Basic-Fit increase subscription fees without prior notice?

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Does Basic-Fit increase subscription fees without prior notice?

Several Basic-Fit members complain that the gym chain increases periodic subscription fees without informing them in advance. Corresponding consumer law There are three conditions surrounding the increase in subscription fees:

  1. When you took out the subscription, the conditions already stated that the entrepreneur may increase the price in the meantime;
  2. The increase is not unreasonable;
  3. The entrepreneur will let you know in advance that the price will increase. He must let you know in time what the new price will be. And when it applies.

If an entrepreneur does not meet all three of these conditions, he may not increase the price. However, according to my sources, Basic-Fit does not always meet the third condition surrounding the increase in subscription fees.

Several of my sources claim that they never received a concrete announcement by email prior to subscription increases by Basic-Fit. They therefore repeatedly had to find out about their subscription increases afterwards through periodic debits from their bank account. This leads to a lot of annoyance.

Basic-Fit response

When asked for an official response, Basic-Fit indicates that it always personally announces and specifies subscription increases through its newsletters. Basic-Fit does not seem to be aware of the fact that there is indeed a communication problem here.

Possible explanations

Possible explanations for the negative experiences of my sources include:

  • Basic-Fit newsletters sometimes cover multiple topics. As a result, any information about subscription increases may be obscured and overlooked;
  • Unsubscribing from Basic-Fit newsletters about membership matters is one of the options and may result in information about subscription increases no longer being sent;

In any case, there appears to be a communication problem between Basic-Fit and its members in this area. A good solution would be to announce all subscription increases within an exclusive or separate email message that everyone receives, regardless of their newsletter settings.

Send Basic-Fit an email

With the example email below you clearly let Basic-Fit understand that announcements of subscription increases regularly do not reach you: Example email to Basic-Fit with the subject: “Announcements of Basic-Fit subscription increases often do not reach me either!”

If you wish, you can add further explanation before you finally send your email. This example email is also addressed to the Radar Consumer Program and the undersigned by means of a CC in order to monitor the response.

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