Docu about Dutchman imprisoned in US may be broadcast, ‘Singh’s life in danger’ 00:09 in Binnenland , Cultuur & Media His family has been pleading for the release or transfer of Jaitsen Singh (78) for years. A new documentary from BNNVARA puts him in danger in the American cell, says Singh.

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An undated photo of Singh distributed by his lawyer Rachel Imamkhan
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The documentary series about Jaitsen Singh (78), the Dutchman who has been imprisoned abroad for 39 years, can be broadcast on TV. This has been decided by the court in Amsterdam today in preliminary relief proceedings. Singh had filed a lawsuit against broadcaster BNNVARA to prevent the series from being broadcast.

Singh was convicted in the United States in 1986 of having his wife and stepdaughter murdered. He received a total of 56 years in prison and has been in prison ever since. He has always denied involvement in the murders.

Sexual abuse and drug trafficking

The TV series An American Nightmare by production company Submarine deals, among other things, with possible miscarriages of justice in the case, which would put the long prison sentence in a different light. But there is also extensive talk of alleged sexual abuse by Singh and allegations of drug trafficking, topics that had not come to the public eye until recently and for which he has never been charged. Singh is afraid that this will get him into trouble with fellow detainees.

It cannot be ruled out that these accusations will create “a dangerous situation” for Singh, the Amsterdam court ruled. But he sees no reason to block the distribution of the documentary because he could have known it would be discussed in the series.

Nuance and context

The judge does rule that BNNVARA may not emphasize “the aspects of sexual abuse and possible involvement in drug trafficking” in any promotional films, because such short videos lack the space for the necessary “nuance and context” about those accusations.

Singh’s lawyer Rachel Imamkhan is considering appealing the ruling. She tells NOS that the allegations of sexual abuse and drug trafficking have been brushed aside and have never led to an indictment. In addition, she said Submarine had given the impression that it wanted to help Singh, and there was no indication that the false allegations would be discussed in detail.

Imamkhan adds that the decision puts Singh’s life in danger. The American lawyer and Singh’s family contributed to the documentary, but according to Imamkhan “now also feel cheated”.

The series is scheduled to air on TV from May 29.

Family members in the Netherlands have been campaigning for years for Singh to be released or to serve the rest of his sentence in the Netherlands, because his health is poor. Last year, Minister Weerwind (Legal Protection) wrote to the House of Representatives that there was a good chance that he would be pardoned in the US, but that has not yet happened.

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