Director and Senior Information Advisor – IT job in Netherlands

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Director and Senior Information Advisor

 – IT job in Netherlands

Employer name, application deadline, working location, working hours per week, salary/wage, and education level requirement are as follows:


Director and Senior Information Advisor

Apply no later than Sunday, April 30, 2023

  • Ouderkerk on the Amstel
  • 36 hours

  • HBO

Job offer

Do you want to contribute to increasing the transparency and services of the municipalities of Diemen, Uithoorn and Ouder-Amstel and the implementation organization Duo+? As Director and Senior Information Advisor, you are responsible for the ‘Information management in order’ program, which aims to greatly improve the information position of the four organisations.

About Duo+

Duo+ is the implementing organization for the municipalities of Diemen, Ouder-Amstel and Uithoorn. The organization has now been in existence for more than seven years and is in full development. Are you looking for a versatile function in a dynamic working environment? Then this is your new job!

Your work

You know what the practice within a municipality looks like. You have extensive experience with information management, you have excellent communication skills and you work goal-oriented.

The Woo entered into force on 1 May 2022. This Act replaces the Government Information (Public Access) Act (WOB) and encourages a culture of active disclosure of 11 categories of decisions by all governments in the Netherlands. The Wmebv also entered into force on 1 January 2023. This law prescribes that residents, visitors and companies must be able to apply for products and services via digital channels and are entitled to appropriate support for traffic (analogue and digital) with the municipality. Both laws set higher requirements for the information management of our organisations.

An impact analysis has recently been made of what needs to be done to prepare the municipalities of Diemen, Uithoorn and Ouder-Amstel and the Duo+ implementing organization for the Woo and the Wmebv.

Leading for this is the action plan, the planning and the prioritisation. The result of the project is that:

  • We are able to disclose both active and passive records;
  • We are digitally accessible and can provide the support required by the Wmebv;
  • The various roles, responsibilities and ‘ownership’ are clearly addressed and safeguarded in the information management of the municipalities of Diemen, Uithoorn and Ouder-Amstel and the implementation organization Duo+.

In concrete terms, this means that the Director/Sr information advisor does the following:

  • You organize, improve, implement, test and monitor the information architecture of our information management in a quality management system. This information architecture must be in line with the work processes.
  • You participate in and direct the implementation of information processes and information architecture. You coordinate information security and privacy aspects with the CISO.
  • You monitor and test the quality of the information management.
  • You translate wishes (new business requirements, changes in laws and regulations, implementation of new systems) into information solutions and safeguard them in the quality system.
  • You function as a liaison between the Informatization and Automation department, Internal Services and the business in the field of information management.
  • You work on a project basis.

Culture and behavior

You contribute to a business professional working environment in which safety and the human dimension can be guaranteed.

You have the following profile:

  • HBO working and thinking level.
  • Demonstrable recent work experience as an information consultant in the field of implementation and control of information provision in primary and operational processes.
  • You exude seniority and understand the business.
  • Whatever you can imagine, you can also realize. With this no-nonsense attitude you make understandable and concrete policy.
  • You have tactical-strategic thinking and you combine this with planning and project-based operations and practical and decisive action.
  • You have written and oral communication skills, are result-oriented, have persuasive powers and can deal with resistance.
  • Experience with the GEMMA process structure is an advantage.

Your place in the organization

You are part of the Business Management department of Duo+. A quality team is being formed to ensure that information management reaches a higher level, that it complies with laws and regulations and that the implementation of the Woo and Wmebv really succeeds. A director/information manager, a project leader and a process manager work closely together in this quality team. The process manager and project leader Woo are accountable to the Director of information management.

Our offer

Duo+ offers you challenging work where your independence and customer orientation are appreciated. The work is valued at scale level 11 of the Collective Labor Agreement Municipalities, a minimum of €3,406 and a maximum of €5,372 gross per month for a full-time working week (36 hours).

In addition, we have a modern employment conditions package. On the basis of an individual choice budget of 17.05% and €500.00 gross per year, you can partly fill this in yourself. You can use this budget to buy extra leave or have it paid out at a time of your choosing.


Do you recognize yourself in this and are you interested? Send your letter and CV via the site of

For substantive information and information about the procedure for this vacancy, please contact Jaap van Kooten, I&A team leader, telephone: 06-25215172 or Kim Jansen, ID team leader, 06-51194251.

About Duo+
Duo+ has been the executive organization of and for Ouder-Amstel, Diemen and Uithoorn since January 2016. Most of the nearly 300 employees previously worked for one of those three municipalities. Now we work in 12 teams from three departments and spread over the three municipal buildings. The Duo+ implementation organization consists of the Operations department, the Citizens department and the Neighborhood department.

It is Duo+’s task to assist customers with changing service needs in a ‘flexible, flexible and innovative’ way. We do this in the field of municipal individual and collective services and their business operations. We assist them by providing reliable and efficient delivery of the right services and products at the agreed time. Duo+ is and feels owner of customer demand. This is only possible with transparent cooperation, management and co-creation. Characteristic of the relationship between the municipalities and Duo+. After all, the best solution you come up with is the one you come up with together. Service is people work!

To achieve the objectives, Duo+ needs people with a focus on results and a smart approach. People who are committed to our objectives and who are willing and able to achieve the intended results for customers. We perform our tasks with an eye for the various relationships that exist between our customers and Duo+. Our employees work in a dynamic network working environment with a high degree of independence and development opportunities.

More information about this vacancy?

Please contact Jaap Kooten from Duo+ (


About the organization

There is no introductory text available for this organization yet.

more about DUO+ >


02970 513232

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