Dinosaur ‘Barry’ is auctioned: ‘Extremely well preserved’ 18:28 in Abroad, Remarkable, Culture & Media According to experts, the skeleton is in very good condition.

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His name is Barry, he is 150 million years old, over two meters high and five meters long. It will soon go under the hammer at an auction house.

Barry is a camptosaurus, a herbivorous dinosaur that lived in the Jurassic period. His skeleton was discovered in the US state of Wyoming in the 1990s by paleontologist Barry James, who subsequently named him Barry.

James started the restoration of the skeleton, later an Italian company (specialized in fossil restoration) took over the job.

According to experts, the skeleton is in exceptionally good condition. “It is a very well-preserved example, which is quite rare,” said Alexandre Giquello of the Paris auction house Hotel Drouot, where the auction is being held. “The skull is 90 percent complete and the rest of the skeleton is 80 percent complete.”

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Barry’s auction is on October 20. The Parisian auction house expects a yield of between 800,000 and 1.2 million euros.

In the past, dinosaur skeletons have been auctioned for several million. Earlier this year, the auction of a dinosaur skeleton, composed of three hundred bones from different Tyrannosaurus rex bones, raised almost 5 million euros.

Two years ago, the largest dinosaur skeleton ever found was auctioned for almost 7 million euros. That was a skeleton of a herbivorous Triceratops.

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