DigiD still overloaded, improvement expected this afternoon 12:14 in Binnenland Many people are still trying to file their tax returns.

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DigiD, the government’s digital login system, is overloaded for the second day in a row because many Dutch people want to submit their tax returns. For many people it is therefore currently not possible to log in to government agencies, but also to health insurers and pension funds, for example.

This morning there were an average of 400,000 login attempts per hour, 360,000 of which were via the Tax and Customs Administration. By way of comparison: on March 1, 2022, there were about 280,000 per hour, of which 113,000 at the Tax and Customs Administration. On an average day there are 2700 login attempts to the service per hour.

“The situation of yesterday actually still applies,” says the administrator of the system behind DigiD, Logius, when asked. Yesterday was the first day that people can file tax returns and DigiD was overloaded almost all day.

Last night there was maintenance, which should allow more logins today than yesterday. “We should notice that effect this afternoon. Hopefully more people will be able to log in again,” says the Logius spokesperson.

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