Dietitians score 9.3 on Zorgkaart Nederland

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Dietitians score 9.3 on Zorgkaart Nederland

Our professional group is doing well! On Zorgkaart Nederland there is great appreciation for dietitians: we receive an average of no less than 9.3 from clients. Although the number of ratings is increasing partly due to PREM, dietetics still only accounts for 5 percent of the total number of ratings within the entire paramedical sector.

High rating

The average score on Zorgkaart Nederland is composed of the figures for various components. Dietetics scores:

  • 9.5 for treatment
  • 9.4 for discussing progress
  • 9.4 for expertise
  • 9.3 for accessibility
  • 9.3 for information
  • 9.3 for making decisions together
  • 9.0 for treatment

Nice compliments

In the explanation of dietitians’ ratings, satisfied clients often mention:

  • Personalized approach
  • Listening well
  • Taken serious
  • Feasible, tailor-made advice
  • Positive about the results

Despite the high figures, clients also mention areas for improvement:

  • Superficial contact
  • Standard advice, treatment not well tailored to personal situation
  • Treatment practice not easily accessible

Impulse through PREM

The number of dietetics ratings on Zorgkaart Nederland has increased enormously since 2020. The number of ratings has more than doubled since 2020 to 10,584 ratings today. This growth has been visible since 2015, but the introduction of PREM Paramedie 3.0 has really given it a boost. There are currently 1066 locations with ratings on Zorgkaart Nederland. Relatively many appreciations come from North Brabant, North Holland, South Holland and Gelderland. It is also striking that verified measurement is on the rise within dietetics. By 2022, 7 percent of dietetics ratings had been verified. By 2023, this will have increased to no less than 28 percent.

Source: Zorgkaart Nederland

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