Dietitians in the news: Pauline Kortbeek and Jolanda van Teeffelen

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Dietitian in the media

In the series “Dietitian in the news” we show who has been in the press and how. Dietitian Jolanda van Teeffelen van dietitian practice HRC was interviewed by RTL News about diet trends. Dietitian Pauline Kortbeek – alias The Dining Lady – told Libelle about the importance of a good breakfast.

Jolanda van Teeffelen at RTL News

In response to the latest research data from Statistics Netherlands, which shows that 6 out of 10 adults in the Netherlands have ever tried to lose weight RTL Nieuws asked Jolanda van Teeffelen about diet trends over the years. For example, there were the juice cures, the bread diet, the “Sonja Bakkeren” and the sherry diet, in which people ate half the normal diet and consumed 1 or 2 glasses of sherry with each meal. ‘Apparently it’s not hot and fancy to just eat healthy,’ says Jolanda, who notices that most of the people mainly want a quick fix. And that urge to lose a lot of weight as quickly as possible can, according to her, take on bizarre forms, where the danger mainly lies in the one-sidedness. She mentioned it as an example currently popular “hospital diet”, where people eat almost nothing but broccoli, rice and chicken. And while those are all healthy things, the diet isn’t good for you. If you only eat apples, it’s not healthy either.’

read here the whole interview with Jolanda.

Pauline Kortbeek in Libelle

‘The good thing about breakfast is that it is the first opportunity of the day to provide your body with good nutrients and energy,’ Pauline Kortbeek told Libelle. The time does not matter much in this case. She thinks the most important thing is that the first meal of the day is a healthy choice, because you can benefit from it for the rest of the day. ‘By choosing fiber-rich foods, you will see that you are satiated for longer and energy is slowly released to the body. As a result, you are less affected by peaks and troughs in your energy.’ In her practice, Pauline regularly sees people who eat too little during the day, causing them to binge in the afternoon or evening. ‘This is actually the body’s way of indicating that you haven’t eaten enough. My vision on healthy eating is to eat more of the good and unprocessed as much as possible. Then you don’t have to count calories, because this gives a more natural feeling of satiety.’ Pauline’s advice is: ‘Aim for 3 good main meals and at least nothing in between and don’t snack or “graze” throughout the day. When skipping an entire main meal, it is often impossible to get enough nutrients in 2 meals. I often see people getting hungry in between.’

read here the whole article with Pauline.

More dietitians in the media!

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