Dietitians in the news: Maartje Boot and Judith Schelling

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In the series ”Dietitian in the news” we show who has been in the press and how. Maartje Boot works as IBS dietician at VoedingsAdvies Brabant and winterviewed by Metro about food shaming. Sports dietitian Judith Schelling talked about intermittent fasting (IF) in Women’s Health.

Maartje Boot in Metro

Research shows that more than 1 in 3 Dutch people sometimes have to deal with unsolicited, negative comments about their food choices, or food shaming. For many, this is a reason to conceal their dietary requirements. Mary Boat told to Subway that it is important to let people eat what they want. Or even better: encourage healthy eating habits. More than 60 percent of the Dutch feel motivated if their dietary requirements are stimulated by their environment, she explained. Maartje also mentioned a tip for those who suffer from food shaming. It often helps if you briefly explain why you make certain choices and what the possible effect is on your health. She advises people who eat out with special dietary requirements to pass on their dietary preferences in advance or to ask about the possibilities.

Read the entire interview with Maartje here.

Judith Schelling in Women’s Health

According to Judith, there are some ifs and buts, but intermittent fasting (IF) can work for some people. In Women’s Health she shared feeding schedules for IF and explained for whom temporary fasting is advisable and for whom not. Judith thinks IF is less suitable for women, especially women who exercise a lot. She linked to one previous article in Women’s Health and research showing that in women, glucose tolerance deteriorated during IF. In the magazine, she advises women with an active lifestyle to speak to a dietitian if they want to try IF.

Read the full interview with Judith here.

More dietitians in the media!

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