Dietitian in the news: Eveline van de Waterlaat

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Eveline van de Waterlaat

Eveline van de Waterlaat is a dietitian, diet psychologist and author of the book Lose weight now and never gain weight again. Since the start of the new year, she has been coaching De Telegraaf readers every week towards a healthier lifestyle. And a bowl of chips would go well with that, she thinks.

Diets don’t work

In January, Eveline writes a weekly column for De Telegraaf in the context of Feel good in your own skin challenge. In her first column she states that weight-loss diets do not work. Eveline explains that strict dieting is not the solution, but rather the cause of the constant yo-yoing. Strict dietary rules ensure that your “loose version of yourself” is triggered, resulting in you reaching for chips and chocolate.

By exaggerating you set in motion your own failure

In her column, Eveline describes that she always thought that you had to struggle and diet to lose weight, but that it is the other way around. She gives examples of how you can easily switch to healthy behavior: immediately ban all carbohydrates, follow a crash diet and hit the gym 5 days a week instead of just exercising more. Perfectionism can have a huge impact on your relationship with food. By exaggerating in a perfectly healthy lifestyle, you are actually setting yourself up for failure, she explains.

Feel good in your own skin challenge

Eveline proposes – provocatively – to simply wash down all those strict weight-loss rules with a glass of white wine. It’s about you gain better control over your weight and that your weight does not control you. During the month of January, Eveline de Lekker will guide you in your skin challenge 2024 from De Telegraaf. There is a lot to do in this challengethought about emotional eating and the psychological side of it food and a healthy lifestyle. Participants can participate in this challenge for free via a decisionten Facebook group.

read here the first column of Eveline.

More dieticians in the media!

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